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Electrical Insulation Transformer Pressboard Paper Sheet

Pressboard is made of 100% imported unbleached sulphate wood pulp
    natural color
    A 105℃
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  • Electrical Insulation Transformer Board

    According to IEC60641-3-1


    Pressboard paper is made of 100% imported unbleached sulphate wood pulp. It is an indispensable dielectric material of the insulating structure of a transformer or other power transmission equipment.


    Because of the strong hydrogen bond of the fiber, it ensures excellent insulation performance, aging resistance and mechanical properties. 

    The transformer pressboard paper sold by Hechin is made of high-purity cellulose. The raw materials are specially treated in multiple processes to achieve maximum purity without chemical additives, impurities, or inferior fillers. The high purity allows these electrical insulation paper sheets to meet the most stringent insulation requirements.

    At the same time, these 100% wood pulp electrical insulation boards also excel in mechanical strength and oil penetration properties, making them excellent insulating materials for transformers, especially oil-immersed transformers and other equipment. By the way, these transformer boards can greatly reduce electrical losses if used in power transmission lines.

    In addition to transformer pressboard paper, we offer a wide range of insulating materials covering oil-type, dry-type, and generators. You can find electrical insulating paper sheets suitable for most voltages and currents with us, enjoying a convenient one-stop international transaction.

    We have rich experience in the bulk production and sales of transformer pressed paper boards. We use advanced technology and equipment and skilled operators to ensure the long-term stability of product quality. In addition, we provide flexible custom options to achieve the individual needs of customers from different markets. We are pretty mature at custom services because we have finished many custom pressed paper boards for many famous brands.

    If you are looking for a suitable transformer board supplier or manufacturer, choosing Hechin must be the best choice. We are the source factory for many brands, offering competitive prices and quality. Contact us now!

    Technical Data:

    No Property unit Specification Standard
    1 Thickness Tolerance % ≤1.6mm ±7.5
    >1.6-5.0 ±5.0
    2 Apparent density g/cm3 1.0-1.25
    3 Tensile Strength Machine direction N/mm2 ≤1.6mm ≥80
    >1.6-3.0mm ≥85
    >3.0-5.0mm ≥90
    Cross machine direction ≤1.6mm ≥45
    >1.6-3.0mm ≥50
      >3.0-5.0mm ≥55
    4 Elongation Machine direction % ≥3.0
    Cross machine direction ≥4.0
    5 Shrinkage Machine direction % ≤0.7
    Cross machine direction ≤1.0
    Thickness direction ≤6.0
    6 Ash content % ≤0.7
    7 Oil absorption rate % ≤1.6mm ≥13.0
    >1.6-3.0mm ≥11.0
    >3.0-5.0mm ≥9.0
    8 Electric conductivity water extract Ms/m ≤1.6mm ≤5.0
    >1.6-3.0mm ≤6.0
    >3.0-5.0mm ≤8.0
    9 PH water extract: / 6.0-9.0
    10 Voltage resistant strength (In oil) Kv/mm ≤1.6mm ≥40
    >1.6-5.0mm ≥35
    11 Moisture content % ≤6.0
    12 Tolerance of Cutting Size Mm ±10mm
    13  Skewness tolerance Mm ±10mm
    14 Ply Bond / When tearing, one or several layers bursting with obviously rough signs&coming-out fibers